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When you're choosing your health insurance policy, you want to know you'll have all the coverage you need to protect your health. But you also need a plan that's affordable. Instead of getting lost in countless Medicare plans and providers by yourself, work with a Medicare consultant from Med Care Plans NY in Poughkeepsie, NY.

We can explain your options and help you choose a Medicare plan that's both affordable and covers your healthcare needs. You can check out policies like Medicare Advantage plans that offer specific coverage, Medicare supplements that can help you increase your coverage and Medicare prescription drug plans that will help you pay for your necessary medications.

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There's no reason to shop for a new health insurance policy by yourself. You'll appreciate speaking with our Medicare consultant because...

  • Our services are completely free with no obligation to sign up
  • We'll explain all of your options and the differences between each plan
  • We can help you sign up for a new plan or renew your current plan each year

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