Understand Your Medicare Coverage

Read about the Medicare options available in Poughkeepsie, NY

Like many aspects of health care, Medicare plans can be confusing. Luckily, Med Care Plans NY is here to help you understand your Medicare options in Poughkeepsie, NY. Check out our simplified definitions below to get an idea about the different Medicare parts, then contact our office to get personalized guidance about which part could benefit you the most.

Which part is right for you?

There are several Medicare parts to consider, including:
Medicare Part A - In general, this plan covers short-term emergency or urgent care. This includes in-patient hospitalization with semi-private rooms and meals, as well as hospice care. It can also cover up to 90 days in a Skilled Nursing Facility, 100 days of home health care or 190 days in a Medicare-accredited psychiatric hospital. Part A is part of Medicare Original, which means if the federal government considers you to be eligible, you won't have to apply for coverage on your own.

Medicare Part B - This plan covers most out-patient medical services, like lab tests, consultations and preventive screenings from licensed professionals. It can also cover medical supplies and equipment needed at home. Part B is part of Medicare Original. If you are considered eligible by the federal government, you may not have to apply for coverage.

Medicare Part C - Part C is also known as Medicare Advantage. Medicare Advantage plans are private insurance plans with lower premiums than Medigap. They cover a wide range of wellness services and are ideal for people who may have missed open enrollment for Medigap or don't qualify for Medigap because of pre-existing conditions.

Medicare Part D - This plan covers out-patient drugs and is considered Medicare's prescription drug benefit. You'll want this coverage if you take prescription drugs, whether you purchase them in a hospital facility or not.

If you're not sure which Medicare option is right for you, call 845-485-5677 today to speak with a helpful member of our staff.

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